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    Our Mission

    Financial planning is becoming more and more important for average individuals. Therefore, we aim to provide customized life-time financial planning services to everyone!
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    Research Area

    We develop technologies for automated financial planning services using optimization, data science, artificial intelligence, etc.
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Welcome to UNIST Financial Engineering Lab!

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UNIST 금융공학연구실 박사후연구원 모집 공고

October 13, 2018 - News

① 모집 분야: 금융공학 및 최적화 ② 계약 조건: 시작 가능 시점부터 2년, 급여 및 복지는 경력을 고려해 협의 (전문연구요원 복무 가능 기관) ③ 지원 방법: yongjaelee@unist.ac.kr로 Post-Doc. 수행 동기, 관심 연구 주제 등을 기술한 cover letter 및 상세 이력서 제출   타분야 포함 전체 공고: http://kiie.org/board/board.asp?b_code=4025&Action=content&GotoPage=1&B_CATE=BBS4

Contact Us

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in UNIST Financial Engineering Lab.
  • Prof. Yongjae Lee
  • Email: yongjaelee@unist.ac.kr
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